Arch Manning has chance to accomplish high school feat that Peyton Manning, Eli Manning never did

Arch Manning has blossomed into one of the most coveted football recruits in the country. But before he decides where he’s going to play college football, Arch Manning has a chance to do something that his uncles Peyton Manning and Eli Manning never did in high school:

Win a state championship at Isidore Newman.

“When it comes to football, I think without question, especially on our level, it’s the hardest pinnacle,” Isidore Newman head coach Nelson Stewart told the Lafayette (Louisiana) Daily Advertiser. “A state championship in football is unlike anything else.”

Stewart knows how special winning a state title in football would be for the school. He was teammates with Peyton Manning and Cooper Manning (Arch’s father) in 1991 when the team fell in the semifinals. That’s still the closest Isidore Newman has ever come to winning it all.

Both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning were superstars at Isidore Newman and enjoyed a lot of success during their high school days. However, neither could get over the hump and lead the school to a state title.

In 1991, Peyton Manning threw a late interception against Haynesville in the state semifinalsIn 1992, Peyton Manning and Isidore Newman lost on a last-second field goal to Pickering in the state quarterfinalsIn 1998 , Eli Manning’s Isidore Newman team lost in the state quarterfinals to East St. JohnOne year later, in his senior season, Eli Manning and Isidore Newman fell to Riverside Academy in the state quarterfinals

As you can see, Arch Manning certainly had to face some lofty expectations. He’s led Isidore Newman to a 6-2 record in…


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