NCAA football: 2021 conference championship scenarios

With the final week of the 2021 college football regular season upon us, there are still a lot of conference championship spots up for grabs. Just 11 of the 20 conference title game bids are clinched heading into Week 13.

Here’s a look at the conference races ahead of the final week and what you need to know before you eat a lot of food and watch a lot of football this weekend. 


Both teams are two games up in the loss column on everyone else in the conference. Houston is done with its conference schedule. If Cincinnati wins on Friday at East Carolina it will host the AAC title game. If the Bearcats lose, it’s in Houston.


Wake Forest wins the Atlantic division with a win over Boston College on Saturday. If the Demon Deacons lose, things can get tricky. If Wake loses and NC State beats North Carolina, Wake, NC State and Clemson will be tied at 6-2 in the conference. NC State then wins the tiebreaker with a head-to-head win over Clemson because Wake Forest’s two losses came inside the Atlantic division. If the Wolfpack lose to North Carolina and Wake Forest also loses, Clemson will play Pitt.

Big 12

The Cowboys clinched a spot in the Big 12 title game with a win over Texas Tech. If Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State on Saturday, we get a rematch. If Oklahoma State wins, the Cowboys will play Baylor.

Big Ten

Let’s start with the east, where it’s the simplest. The winner of Michigan and Ohio State wins the division and goes to the Big Ten title game. If Wisconsin beats Minnesota, the East is straightforward too. Wisconsin wins the division. If the Gophers win and Iowa beats Nebraska, Iowa wins the division. If Minnesota wins and Iowa loses, the Gophers are in as long as Purdue beats Indiana.

Conference USA

The Roadrunners will assuredly host the C-USA title game as it’s ranked in the CFP top 25. Western Kentucky…


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