Brian Kelly debuts sudden new southern accent

Brian Kelly and his family haven’t even unpacked their bags yet in Baton Rouge but there has already been a massive change for the former Notre Dame head coach. After speaking at his introductory press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Kelly stopped by the LSU men’s basketball game that evening. It was there he debuted his new southern accent while addressing the crowd at halftime.

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Take a peek at the video below and start it at roughly the 30 second mark. A fair warning to you that things are about to get really uncomfortable and awkward.

Who is that guy?

I’ve listened to Brian Kelly press conferences and interviews for more than a decade and never heard a single hint of an accent whatsoever. Now all of a sudden he spends ten minutes in Louisiana and he belongs on the cast of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

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My level of discomfort sitting through those couple minutes was limitless. Perhaps whatever the heck that voice was is why Kelly’s assistants at Notre Dame all decided to stay at Notre Dame.


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