College football bowl confidence pools 2021-22: Top picks, prediction from proven expert on 49-32 roll

Perhaps the closest thing to filling out March Madness brackets during football season is picking winners for each of the games on the 2021-22 college football bowl schedule. The most popular way to do that is participating in a college football bowl confidence pool. The formula is simple: Players pick a winner for each game and assign a point value to them based on their confidence the team will win outright. 

With so many teams scheduled in bowl games all over the country, it’s difficult to have a finger on the pulse of every matchup. SportsLine has the remedy for that with talented experts to offer suggestions that give players an edge. Before entering any college football bowl confidence pools, be sure to see the college football picks from SportsLine’s Matt Severance.

Matt Severance is a well-connected writer and handicapper who has worked in the industry since 2005. He wrapped up the 2021 college football regular season as one of SportsLine’s top experts, ending the year on a 49-32 run on his college football picks, returning almost $1,200 to $100 bettors during that span. Anybody who followed him saw some huge returns.

So before filling out your college football pool picks, you need to see Severance’s college football bowl picks. He’s using a season’s worth of data gathered from game film and analytics. He has analyzed each bowl matchup and ordered every game by level of confidence. He’s only sharing his final picks over at SportsLine.

Top college football bowl confidence predictions

One of the top 2021-22 college football bowl confidence picks from Severance: He likes the Florida Gators to knock off the UCF Knights in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl, which will be played on Dec. 23 at 7 p.m. ET. 

UCF’s season took a turn when…


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