Ranking All 43. How Good Is Your Bowl?

How good are all the bowl games? How good are the matchups? We rank all 43 from the best-looking to the worst. How good is your bowl game?

College Football Bowl Games: Ranking Every Bowl, Pre-Bowls

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There won’t be a ton of bowl games cancelled.

There won’t be a slew of loser teams getting in just to fill spots, and there aren’t teams tapping out after getting an invite.

After 2020, this should be a lot more fun. Sort of.

Now we have a new problem. Coaching changes.

So many teams have new coaches, lost assistants, transfers, opt-outs, and all because they can leave and it doesn’t really matter. College football is the one sport that plays its exhibition season at the end of the year …

And we LOVE it.

43 games – plus the national championship – mean 43 games to watch, 43 reasons to be distracted from your family, 43 investment opportunities, and 43 more moments of college football to enjoy.

Are there too many bowl games? Of course not. No one’s making you watch them – that’s what we’re here for.

Below are the bowl games you have to go out of your way to watch, and the ones you can skip if you have something better to do – like caroling, or needlepoint.

Here’s how the bowl are categorized as we ask the question. How good is your bowl? (We’ll revisit at the end and rerank based on how good they actually were.)

– Deep Cuts (Bowls 32-43)
– Nothing Better To Do (25-32)
– Bowls. Just Bowls (17-24)
– Restaurant Quality Bowls (9-16)
– Watch or Die (1-8)

Bowl Game Rankings: Deep Cuts

Here’s how you do these bowls. Start watching, and if you’re digging the groove, stay with it. If not, get out fast and save yourself for the bazillion other bowl games being thrown at you.

43. PUBG New Mexico Bowl

Saturday, December 18
ESPN, 2:15 pm
Dreamstyle Stadium,…


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