Notre Dame recruiting director among top personnel people

With college football on the cusp of bowl season, it’s time to look at areas of the sport not always thought of by the average fan. One outlet doing that is The Athletic, which polled over 30 recruiting staffers from across the country to figure who the best of the best are in that area. The results, which subscribers can view here, declared the winner to be Mark Pantoni, the director of player personnel at Ohio State.

However, Notre Dame also cracked the list thanks to recruiting director Aaryn Kearney. He has held the position since 2016 and remained consistent over that time. More specifically, the Irish never have had a recruiting class rank outside the top 20. One recruiter summed it up well:

“They’ve done an incredible job there, and considering the pool of players they are limited to, and the fact that they have to be spread out nationally, it’s no small feat that they continually sign top classes.”

Congratulations to Aaryn for being recognized by his peers.


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