Will Missouri and Army finally give us a bowl game with defense? Plus, other best bets for Wednesday

COVID-19 has finally come for college football. While we’ve seen cases pop up on teams from time to time during the season, the sport was able to avoid the postponements and cancelations that plagued it in 2020. It will not get through bowl season unscathed, though.

Texas A&M has been forced to back out of the Gator Bowl due to a rise of COVID cases on the roster. The Gator Bowl hopes to find a replacement for the game, but it’s hard to imagine that happening without another game being canceled.

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A&M is not alone. Alabama announced Wednesday that offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien and offensive line coach Doug Marrone have tested positive and are now home isolating. However, both are expected to be back in time for the semifinal against Cincinnati. Still, the rise in cases did cause the College Football Playoff to announce that any team unable to field enough players for a playoff game will forfeit and that if both teams in a game must forfeit, the other semifinal will serve as the national championship game.

Oh, and if three teams are forced to…


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