Ranking each Ohio State touchdown from the Rose Bowl win over Utah

Have you been able to come down from the high that was Ohio State football’s victory over Utah in the Rose Bowl? I finally have, but it helped to fly across this beautiful country of ours on a red-eye flight. I mean, if that doesn’t put a buzzkill on an all-time Rose Bowl classic, I don’t know what does.

Just because the game is over though, that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect on it a little more. I often like to go back through the game, especially if there in person because you get a different perspective on the broadcast than watching all of the action without the benefit of close-ups and instant replays.

So, now that I’ve watched the game live, then followed it up with video review in person, I’ve taken things into my own hands to try and rank each Ohio State touchdown out in Pasadena. Of course, I liked them all, but some were more awe-inspiring than others.

Here are all six touchdowns OSU scored in SoCal ranked in order.

8-yard TD pass to Marvin Harrison, Jr.

Why it stands out

It got things going for Ohio State in the second half, cutting the Utah lead to just seven points. The pattern was great, but Harrison, Jr. got lost in the back of the end zone and Stroud found him for an easy seven points. It was nothing spectacular, but great execution at a critical time.

2-yard TD pass to Marvin Harrison, Jr. to tie things up

Why it stands out

This is an underrated pass and catch, but it’s not anything spectacular. C.J. Stroud put the ball exactly where it needed to be after Harrison, Jr. ran an outstanding route to the corner after getting just enough separation on the defensive back. The score brought Ohio State all the way back to tie the game after trailing all game long.

24-yard pass from C.J. Stroud to Marvin Harrison, Jr.

Why it stands out

Again, it’s the throw that makes this one, but Marvin Harrison,…


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