Top 10 national championship teams from SEC over past 26 years

Sometimes I think about Greg Sankey in his office in Birmingham and all I can think of is Scrooge McDuck.

Not that Sankey is cheap or narcissistic. But I still imagine him sitting inside a safe on piles and piles of cash, throwing bills in the air with the enthusiasm of a lottery winner.

No matter what they want to do to the SEC, it’s bulletproof. Non-SEC fans were having a field day on Twitter when the league started bowl season 0-4 – not bothering to notice that 13 teams had qualified – and then were humbled at the end when two SEC teams played it off again.

As a result, the SEC won its 15th national championship in the last 26 seasons. During that same stretch, the next best conference has four.

And there is no reason to think that this dynasty is going to change. Populations continue to move to the South and the additions of Texas and Oklahoma are going to make it feel like the SEC has all the resources necessary to keep it going.

Oh, there are schools that can compete enough to win one occasionally. But it’s an SEC football world and when you hear that CBS college football intro you know something epic is about to happen.

There have been some great teams during this run. We give you the 10 best championship teams from the SEC over the last 26 years.

Florida 2006

Jon Way-USA TODAY Sports

The Gators had two quarterbacks – one who would become the school’s all-time leading passer and the other its all-time leader in rushing touchdowns. Plus, a freshman wide receiver who might have been the best athlete to ever play at Florida.

Oh, and the defense made Ohio State miserable in the title game.

Alabama 2009

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Tide caught a break when Colt McCoy of Texas was injured on the first series of the title game. But to get there, Alabama had to beat No. 1 Florida in a game they had been looking…


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