Kyle Hamilton talks receiving angry messages for skipping Fiesta Bowl

Kyle Hamilton is not done responding to criticism for skipping the Fiesta Bowl. He already fired back at Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard for bashing today’s college football players in general. Now, he’s commenting on people who sent him unpleasant direct messages on his social media accounts after he didn’t play in the Fiesta Bowl. During an episode of the Irish football podcast “Inside the Garage”, he touched on his experience, one that was experienced by fellow bowl absentee Kyren Williams:

Hamilton accurately point out that he missed the final month of the regular season with a knee injury. Once the Irish officially were left out of the College Football Playoff, he decided the risk of being injured again wasn’t worth it. Ultimately, the Irish blew a big lead against Oklahoma State, and that left some folks looking for someone to blame. Hamilton and Williams became convenient targets.

Please don’t become one of those people Hamilton is talking about. We like to think Notre Dame has classier fans than that, but such instances make it very difficult to back that claim up.


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