Big Ten Might Drop Divisions? A Proposal To Make This Work: Daily Cavalcade

The Big Ten is floating the idea of dropping divisions to its current format. Here’s a proposal to make this work, in the Daily Cavalcade.

Big Ten Possibly Dropping Divisions? Daily Cavalcade

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

It might not be as bad as naming two divisions Leaders and Legends, but it’s not terribly far off.

We’ll just leave the horrendous idea of possibly cutting the Big Ten schedule to 8 games for another day.

So here I was, living my best offseason life – which consists of pretending to think about exercising and realizing how worthless Netflix is – when all of a sudden came a buzz from my silly watch thing, alerting me to either a heart attack or some end-of-the-world breaking sports news.

Apparently – according to Scott Dochterman of The Athletic – the Big Ten is toying around with the idea of ditching the divisions and making the league one giant 14-team blob.

First reaction – oh wonderful, so Ohio State is going to be in the Big Ten Championship every year instead of just about every year.

Second reaction – on what planet would everyone in the Big Ten but Ohio State agree to this?

Third reaction – is the Big Ten trying to appease Ohio State by throwing it this cookie so it doesn’t think about bolting to the SEC?

Fourth reaction – I should probably subscribe to The Athletic, but then what am I supposed to do, read?

The Big Ten seems to think ditching the divisions could help the cause whenever the College Football Playoff expands, but I’m not exactly sure how – especially if the league really does start playing more non-conference games against Power Five teams.

So why would this be a mediocre idea?

Ohio State would be all but guaranteed a top two finish every year and a spot in the Big Ten Championship.



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