How does the quarterback situation look?

Managing a quarterback room in 2022 resembles something more similar to a political art than coaching football.

Only one quarterback can play, and usually, there’s more than one that wants to. This has resulted in a quarterback carousel across the country.

Over the last couple of years, LSU has had a few guys decide to ride that carousel. Most notably, Max Johnson is now at Texas A&M. During the last offseason, TJ Finely transferred to Auburn.

Myles Brennan was in line to ride but opted to return to LSU after Johnson’s transfer and speaking with Kelly.

LSU, for now, is in good shape here. Brennan is a sixth-year player with plenty of arm talent. He waited for this opportunity, and he waited again.

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When Joe Burrow came in 2018, many assumed Brennan would transfer. Some viewed it as a sign that LSU did not believe in Brennan and if he wasn’t ready then, he’d never be.In his three starts in 2020, he looked good in what turned out to be a bad situation. He was shaky in that loss to Mississippi State. He looked like one would expect a quarterback to make when making his first career start. As Brennan got his feet under him and started to settle in, he looked like an SEC quarterback.

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Behind Brennan, sit Garrett Nussmeier and Walker Howard, two blue-chip recruits.

Eventually, either Nussmeier or Howard will eventually transfer. They’re both talented and after Brennan leaves, one of them will have to win the job.

If It’s Nussmeier, it’s plausible that Howard could stick around and wait it out, but it’s rare to see someone as highly recruited as Howard do that.

Nussmeier got a little time last year and showed his willingness to be a gunslinger, but outside of that, didn’t show much as LSU remained with Johnson under center.

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