Stanford Football Schedule 2022: 3 Things To Know

Stanford football schedule 2022: Who does Stanford miss on the Pac-12 schedule and what are 3 things to know?

Stanford Football Schedule 2022

Sept 3 Colgate

Sept 10 USC


Sept 24 at Washington

Oct 1 at Oregon

Oct 8 Oregon State

Oct 15 at Notre Dame

Oct 22 Arizona State

Oct 29 at UCLA

Nov 5 Washington State

Nov 12 at Utah

Nov 19 at Cal

Nov 25 BYU

2022 College Football Schedules: All 131 Teams

Stanford Football Schedule What To Know: Who do the Cardinal miss from the Pac-12 South Division?

As it if wasn’t enough of a kick in the teeth to have a schedule full of Power Five teams in 2021, Stanford gets the worst beat in the Pac-12 this year – it misses Arizona and Colorado from the South.

That means the team has to deal with defending Pac-12 champion Utah, USC, Arizona State, and UCLA – the four likely top teams in the South. Worse yet, the Utah and UCLA games are on the road.

If that wasn’t bad enough …

Stanford Football Schedule What To Know: The North isn’t any better

Seriously, Stanford. What did you do to tick off the scheduling gods? Again, last year was brutal enough, and now there’s the problem getting all the top teams against the South, and the conference season opens up against Washington and Oregon … on the road.

The Cal game is on the road, but that’s just up the highway a bit. Oregon State and Washington State as home games is fine, but that means the tougher dates are out of Palo Alto.

Stanford Football Schedule What To Know: What does it all really mean?

No, seriously, Stanford. Who hates you this much? As if that Pac-12 slate isn’t enough, there’s a trip to Notre Dame to make it three road games in four weeks. If that and the Pac-12 season weren’t enough, the regular season ends against BYU.

It’s going to be a fight to get to six wins. Colgate should be a layup, but there aren’t any…


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