Florida Football Schedule 2022: 3 Things To Know

Florida football schedule 2022: Who does Florida miss on the SEC schedule and what are 3 things to know?

2022 Florida Football Schedule

Sept 3 Utah

Sept 10 Kentucky

Sept 17 USF

Sept 24 at Tennessee

Oct 1 Eastern Washington

Oct 8 Missouri

Oct 15 LSU


Oct 29 Georgia (in Jacksonville)

Nov 5 at Texas A&M

Nov 12 South Carolina

Nov 19 at Vanderbilt

Nov 25 at Florida State

2022 College Football Schedules: All 131 Teams

Florida Football Schedule What To Know: Who do the Gators miss from the SEC West?

Any year you can miss Alabama is a good one. Florida doesn’t have to face the Crimson Tide, but the jury is out on whether or not – relatively speaking – not playing Mississippi State or Auburn will be a good thing in 2022. The Gators don’t have face Arkansas or Ole Miss, either, but …

There’s the annual game against LSU along with a really, really ill-timed trip to Texas A&M. Here’s the problem …

Florida Football Schedule What To Know: The second half

Florida is going to wear out its welcome at home over the first half of the season and then comes the bizarre pivot.

Six of the first seven games are in Gainesville with Tennessee the load road trio. The schedule piper gets paid in the second half of the season with four trips away from home in five weeks. Florida plays just one home game against South Carolina from October 15th until the finish.

Florida Football Schedule What To Know: What does it all really mean?

It’s not easy.

The second half is a monster, home games against Utah and Eastern Washington are hardly givens, and back-to-back dates against Georgia and Texas A&M will be rough.

But again, there’s no Alabama. LSU is going to be an SEC X factor – to be nice, more like an enigma for now – Florida State still might need a while, and there’s no one on the slate – at least until the Georgia game –…


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