Comps for 2022 WR Class

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Last week I published By the Numbers: Statistical Comparisons for 2022 Quarterback Class, which looked at player comps for quarterbacks that Thor Nystrom mocked to the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

This article, published with the help of the the Box Score Scout tool that can be found over at RotoViz, used statistical comparisons to see how players in this year’s draft comped to past and present NFL talent (since 2000).

Thor mocked four quarterbacks to the first round in his latest mock draft, but also had five wide receivers going in the first.

Not wanting to overlook the receiver talent that could go in the first round of this year’s draft, I am heading back to the Box Score Scout to see how they comp to recent players.

NOTE: To understand the process and how the RotoViz Box Score Scout Works, go back to my first article, where I explain how the comps are found.

Treylon Burks – Arkansas

Thor’s Mock Draft 1.0: New York Jets – 10th overall

In recent weeks, former Arkansas wide receiver Treylon Burks has gained a lot of hype as the potential top wide receiver of the draft. Thor added to that hype by making Burks the overall WR1 of this class when he mocked him to the Jets with the 10th overall pick. During his final two seasons at Arkansas, Burks totaled 118 receptions for 1,943 yards and 11 touchdowns, and also rushed 29 times for 187 yards and one score.

Treylon Burks Player Card

In his final season he posted a line of 67-1123-11 and had a receiving yards market share of 42%.

Desperate for wide receiver talent, here are the comps for Burks after we apply first round (top-32) draft capital to him in the Box Score Scout.

Treylon Burks Player Comps

Looking at the comps for…


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