Big Ten football Class of 2023 rankings as of March 1

The Class of 2022 is signed, sealed, and delivered and the work on building a Class of 2023 is well underway across the country, including in the Big Ten. With spring football getting started across the country and March bringing the return of official visits to the recruiting calendar, it is time to once again start tracking how the recruiting classes across the Big Ten are comparing against each other and nationally.

As was the case in the Class of 2022, Penn State has jumped out to a nice start with its next recruiting class. Heavy on offensive linemen so far, Penn State’s next recruiting class is currently among the nation’s best very early on in the recruiting cycle. Penn State’s recruiting class ranks fourth in the nation as of March 1, topping the Big Ten for right now. Penn State led the nation and the Big Ten in the national recruiting rankings for a while in 2022 until some other national recruiting powers, including Ohio State, worked their way ahead of Penn State by the start of the early signing period.

You should expect to see some changes to these recruiting rankings as we update the status on these rankings moving forward, especially as spring football and spring football games tend to lead to some recruiting news, especially for some of the bigger recruiting powers like Ohio State and Michigan.

At the start of March, each school in the Big Ten has at least one Class of 2023 commit on the board with the exception of Illinois. Here is how the Big Ten teams rank nationally and within the conference according to the current national recruiting rankings generated by 247Sports. The number of commits, five-star players, and four-star players is also noted to give a sense of how much work has already been done with each recruiting class.

Penn State

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National ranking: 4

Big Ten…


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