Lawmakers make push for NCAA to reinstate Ohio State’s vacated wins, records from 2010 season

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Now that college football players are able to profit off their name, image and likeness, state lawmakers in Ohio have proposed a resolution aimed at persuading the NCAA to reinstate the vacated wins and records from Ohio State’s 2010 season. 

The wins and achievements from a 2010 season that saw the Buckeyes go 12-1 and win the Sugar Bowl were scrubbed from the NCAA record books as part of the punishment for violations connected to Ohio State players selling personal memorabilia in exchange for tattoos. The investigation and ensuing fallout included not only the vacated wins, but a five-game suspension for five players in 2011 — Terrelle Pryor, Mike Adams, Boom Herron, DeVier Posey and Solomon Thomas — and a resignation from head coach Jim Tressel. 

State lawmaker Brian Stewart, the sponsor of the resolution, noted the differences in how the NCAA approached similar issues in 2011 and the current NIL environment. “This resolution does not say anything about the sanctions,” Stewart told the Columbus Dispatch. “This resolution says enough is enough. The NCAA’s view of what is permissible for players has changed drastically in the last twelve years.”

Pryor and the other players from that Ohio State team have made similar calls for the reinstatement of those 2010 season records in the NCAA’s official book. 

The NCAA did say in a statement last July that it would not reevaluate old violations in light of the rule change, but Stewart believes the total scrubbing of that season’s wins and…


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