3 Things Carson Strong Showed

The 2022 NFL Scouting Combine featured 15 quarterbacks from across the country, from projected first-rounders to players expected to be signed as undrafted free agents. Even less than two months away from the draft, the race for QB1 is still essentially open and there is no one passer all analysts can agree takes the top spot.

One of the players in contention for it, though, is former Nevada quarterback Carson Strong, who has largely been pinned to the first and second rounds of the draft.

Strong made the decision to skip all but the throwing drills at the event after consulting with his quarterbacks coach and his agent.

“Just talking with Jordan and my agent, we just think it wasn’t really worth it to train for all that stuff and spend a bunch of time working my 40-yard (dash) get off and worrying about vertical jumps because if the team drafts me, they know I’m not Lamar Jackson,” Strong told Chris Murray of Nevada Sports Network. “So, it’s really not important for me, and we didn’t think that was worth spending the time working on it.”

Here’s a look into three things Strong showed in Indianapolis.

1. The knee is (still) fine.

It kind of sounds like a broken record at this point, but Strong’s knee was cleared by a Los Angeles Rams doctor months ago and Strong has reiterated several times throughout the offseason that the knee is not degenerative and that there is no need for long-term concerns surrounding it. Jim Nagy, the director of the Reese’s Senior Bowl, also tweeted out that it had been cleared earlier this year. But ever since the rumors began that it could be something potentially career-ending down the line, no amount of confirmation seems to be able to quiet the unsubstantiated hysteria that won’t die with anything short of Strong releasing the MRI results on social media. It is evident both in the…


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