Looking at Florida’s quarterback room

No position on the field makes as much of an impact on the gameplay of a football team, or, frankly, the health of a program, more than a quarterback. The positional value of a good quarterback is through the roof and a transcendent one can vault a team well above their peers. The Gators enjoyed excellent production from Kyle Trask for some time, but they haven’t had a truly great quarterback in a while.

As the football calendar turns to the 2022 season, the outlook for Gators quarterbacks is pretty good. Florida has three players on-roster who could reasonably be called upon to start games and still more who show some promise. That kind of team building is a key building block for this new coaching staff as they install an unfamiliar offense. If some players take longer to adapt to the new scheme than others, it’s no big deal.

Discovering which quarterback looks most ready to lead this offense will be the most crucial information this coaching staff can gather during the Gators’ upcoming spring camp activities. Therefore, let’s dive into Florida’s quarterbacks room for the first segment in Gators Wire’s Spring Camp preview series.


UAA Communications/Courtney Culbreath

Quarterbacks on roster:

Jack Anders
Carlos Del Rio-Wilson
Kyle Engel
Jalen Kitna
Emory Jones
Jack Miller III
Anthony Richardson

The quarterbacking responsibilities were divvied up between Jones and Richardson last season, producing mixed results from both. Jones seemed unable to adapt when forced to progress past his first or second read. As a result, he wound up going through a detrimentally large number of check-downs and squandered his talented running ability with poorly timed throws.

In an effort to add some dynamism to the offense, Anthony Richardson was given a share of snaps. His athletic abilities provided a spark for a while, but…


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