22 Thoughts For 2022, No. 16

22 College Football Thoughts for 2022, No. 16: The NFL announcers are fine, but the college stars are better … and we can’t lose them to the next level

22 College Football Thoughts For 2022

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22 College Football Thoughts For 2022
22, College football is changing, and it’s okay
21, Texas & Oklahoma, you really want the SEC?
20. SEC is really, really good if you like it or not
19. James Madison, welcome to the show
18. Sun Belt is the cool conference
17. Transfer Portal will only get bigger

16. Here’s the deal, NFL broadcasting world …

The NFL hates to admit that some aspects of the college game are better.

The college version of instant replay … better.

Overtime system – as contrived as it might be … better.

Rivalries and traditions … way better.

Length of halftime … okay, so the NFL wins that by seven touchdowns, but there’s one area that college football has all over the NFL.

1) Pregame shows, and, with some huge exceptions calling college games that I won’t get into, 2) the announcers.

Nothing against all the hard-working and more-than-competent people doing NFL broadcasts, but there’s a reason why Peyton and Eli made it so easy for fans to move away from the normal call of a game – and why ESPN spent a gajillion dollars for Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Oh sure, there’s Al Michaels, and Buck is terrific – he’s so unfairly dogged – but the NFL announcing teams are all … fine.

It’s the NFL. It likes things to be uniform, which is why Tony Romo can be goofy and he sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Now, find the NFL announcing team that has as much fun calling a game as Mark Jones and Robert Griffin III when they’re rolling.

There will never be another Keith Jackson, but Chris Fowler and Kirk…


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