Air Force Football: The Bugg Family Edition

Another Sibling Duo To Leave Their Mark At The USAFA

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The 2021 football season proved to be one worthy of celebration, for a multitude of reasons. Anytime the Falcons can put together double-digit wins, it bares worth remembering and appreciating, because such a feat will never come easy. That seems to be a common mantra in Colorado Springs though, because there truly is nothing easy about a day in the life of a cadet; much less that of a cadet-athlete managing the rigors that come with playing football.

Which begs the question; if you are a high school football player with ambitions of playing in college, or even the NFL, why go to The Air Force Academy?

If you are a smart, motivated and talented individual, there are a lot of answers with which to reference. Ultimately, the prospect of an receiving an elite education while playing football at the highest level will often prevail. Such was the case for Tre’ (Milton) Bugg III, one of the best defensive backs in the Mountain West Conference over the past three years.

A multi-year starter and All-Conference player; Bugg III finds himself recently removed from showcasing his talents to NFL scouts at the Pro Day which was held at the Air Force Academy. Tre’ Bugg III is the perfect example of what kind of opportunities can yield for an Air Force grad. A high school standout that held offers from multiple schools, he chose the USAFA route to ensure elite education was equal to the competition on the field.

Perhaps the only thing more apropos than success manifesting itself from the hard work and commitment remarked, is the reality of brotherhood existing at an unparalleled level at U.S. Military Academies. In the literal sense, that is the story of the Bugg family.

Joining Tre’ at the Academy in 2020, was his younger brother Mason. A record…


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