Stadium Anthem Draft: Picking the best songs to get fans hyped up ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft

While the on-field action is always the centerpiece of any sporting event, part of what makes being at a game so fun is the ambience. Music is a critical piece of the atmosphere in most stadiums, as a classic tune played at the right time can change the mood of an entire crowd. In college football, some of that music comes in the form of university marching bands serenading the stadium with fight songs. But even in sports without live bands, music piped through sound systems plays a role in the experience.

One scene that comes to mind transpired during the first full week of the 2021 college football season, when Virginia Tech ran on to the field for a game against North Carolina to “Enter Sandman”. All of Lane Stadium seemed to be jumping in unison to the 1991 Metallica classic as the Hokies entered for what turned into 17-10 upset win over a top-10 foe. It was an epic moment for college football to see a sold-out crowd enjoying a collective moment of passion following the capacity restrictions of the 2020 season due to COVID-19.

So what are the best stadium songs of all time? The college football team at CBS Sports decided to draft them this week. Keep scrolling to see which songs were taken and in which order. Keep in mind that our draft was not restricted to a single sport. So these are the best ever, regardless of league or venue.

Round 1

Tom Fornelli: All the great stadium songs follow a formula. They’re simple, repetitive, and have enough bass to make the stadium shake. Also, while lyrics are fine, you don’t want too many, and it’s better to just have simple noises. In other words, you want “Seven Nation Army”. There’s a reason it became an in-game staple the minute it was released publicly and hasn’t gone anywhere since. Seriously, when…


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