Nebraska, Scott Frost hit with violations

Scott Frost and the Nebraska football program were formally hit with NCAA violations on Monday.

The NCAA announced that the Huskers violated rules regarding countable coaches when a special teams analyst “provided technical or tactical instruction” to players during practices and film sessions and helped with in-game coaching decisions. NCAA rules allow for just 10 full-time, on-field assistant coaches that can have direct contact with players.

“Because he was a noncoaching staff member, his instruction of student-athletes caused the program to exceed the number of permissible coaches in violation of NCAA rules,” the NCAA said in a release.

According to the NCAA, Frost “did address concerns with the analyst directly,” but “did not appropriately monitor the analyst or notify compliance staff that violations had occurred.” As a result, it was determined that Frost violated head coach responsibility rules.

Nebraska parted ways with the analyst, Jonathan Rutledge, in January 2021.

Frost has been given a one-year show-cause penalty and must serve a five-day suspension from all coaching activities during the 2022 football season.

The program was hit with a $10,000 fine and will be on probation through April 2023.

Additionally, the Huskers will be docked one on-field coach for two days of practice during the spring and will be without “all noncoaching staff members ”during “practice and competition” for five consecutive days during the regular season.

The violations were deemed Level II by the NCAA, which used its “negotiated resolution process” in this case. That process is used when the involved university agrees that violations occurred.

“I am appreciative of the diligent efforts of our University of Nebraska staff in working to bring this matter to a close. We have had outstanding collaboration with…


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