‘Be careful what you wish for’:Bob Stoops on the current state of college football and NIL

While the move to allow players to earn income off of their name, image, and likeness wasn’t a popular one in all circles, the sentiment when it first passes state legislatures was that it was long overdue and a good thing for the athlete in college athletics.

They’d be able to earn income by doing autograph signings or advertising for companies, things that were punishable infractions prior to the NIL era. What it’s turned into, however, isn’t what was intended.

Spencer Rattler getting a couple of cars for doing appearances at a local car dealership or talking about the dealer on his social media pages, that was the intention of NIL. Players in programs getting opportunities.

Over the last 10 months, it’s become something more than that. Texas and Texa A&M have used NIL in their recruiting efforts. The Aggies had the top recruiting class in the country and arguably in the history of modern recruiting. And Texas had NIL deals ready and waiting for offensive linemen who committed to the Longhorns.

A bigger issue revealed itself late last week and over the weekend as it was reported that Biletnikoff award-winning wide receiver Jordan Addison of Pitt was offered $3 million to enter the transfer portal and then go to USC. He wasn’t even in the portal yet and someone was attempting to lure him away from the Panthers.

There are a host of problems, but the Addison situation is what’s really sparked conversations over the last few days. In his weekly call with “The Rush” on 94.7 The Ref in Norman Tyler McComas and Teddy Lehman talked with Bob Stoops about the ever-changing landscape of college football and the impact of NIL.

“The bottom line, be careful what you wish for,” Stoops said. “It’s totally different than what we’ve been used to. My opinion, we need a new leadership group. The NCAA and the…


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