Ohio State AD Gene Smith suggests College Football Playoff, not NCAA, should govern sport’s highest level

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One of the many ways in which college football at the FBS level is unique from other college sports is how its postseason is run independently of NCAA oversight, which has led to increasing power for the College Football Playoff since its inception in 2014. Now, one prominent leader in the sport is suggesting that CFP leadership take control of college football at the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith suggested Tuesday at the Big Ten’s spring meetings that the CFP should have a greatly expanded role in major college football as the sport grapples with profound change on numerous fronts — the transfer portal and student-athlete NIL rights chief among them. Specifically, Smith suggested that the FBS level should operate under the CFP with its own rules and structure, while the NCAA would continue to host championships for basketball and Olympic sports. 

Per ESPN: 

“We [can] create our own rules, create our own governance structure, have our own enforcement, we have our own requirements, whatever that might be,” Smith said. ” … That might be in the medical space, for example, if a student-athlete is injured and hurt in his or her senior year. You take care of them when they’re done until they’re healed. And we have the funding in place to do that. You don’t touch anything else with the NCAA. You keep the academic requirements in place. The reality is, those schools who offer 85 scholarships in football have made a different commitment and that…


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