Stetson Bennett’s unique ability to block out noise keeps Georgia’s underdog QB focused on making history

The flip phone story is true. Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett indeed rocks one. The antiquated device is not efficient in this 5G era, but that’s exactly the point.

The prehistoric technology keeps Bennett away from the social media noise that can plague not only college athletes but drill into the heads of the world at large.

“Oh yeah, [he has one],” former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray told CBS Sports this week.

“He pulled it out for me when I was doing the pregame show for the SEC Championship Game and I went to Athens to interview him.

“It’s legit that he is such a pain in the ass to text. He’ll say, ‘Dude I’ll tell you right now I stink at texting. If you need to get in contact with me, just call me.’ … He’s right. He needs to be focused on football and the game.”

Existing without a wireless tether to the social galaxy that praises, judges and damns us on a daily basis is almost unheard of these days — especially for a big-time college quarterback, a position that would usually make one the face of a program. Not Bennett, who shares the spotlight like homes on Halloween share candy.

He has made that more than clear since morphing from backup replacement to playmaking star in these heady days of Georgia’s championship run. We always sort of knew that about Bennett, the senior quarterback who is about to play possibly his last — and certainly his most significant — game Monday night in the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship.  

He’s all about ball to the point that it’s a headline when he deviates from his football script. Bennett revels in being the everyman who got dropped into a unique situation at a football powerhouse. Mostly because that’s exactly how is career has played out.

“Maybe I’m…


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