College Football Meme Madness, Final Four: Vote for the sport’s best viral images of all time

Just like the NCAA Tournament, the Meme Madness bracket has reached its final stages. The Final Four kicks off with two remaining memes from both the Fan Region and the Players & Coaches Region with a spot in the championship matchup on the line. 

The Elite Eight was a story of two regions producing vastly different results. The Fan Region was blowout city with No. 1 seed Michigan Surrender Cobra capturing 81.3% of the vote and No. 3 seed Annoyed LSU Girl reaching 64.2% in victories. The same cannot be said for the Players & Coaches Region, as Urban Meyer’s golf cart pizza — the No. 1 seed — bowed out of the tournament by fewer than five percentage points to Hugh Freeze’s hospital bed. Now, the ultimate underdog has its shot. 

Every year, dozens of images quickly become cultural touchstones in the sport by going viral on social media and in countless group chats. However, there are a select few that survive longer and permanently enter the college football universe.

Now, we want you to help pick the best. 

In order to narrow it down, our staff curated 16 memorable memes from the Twitter era and separated them into two regions: Fans, and Coaches & Players. The bracket includes everything from Heisman Trophy winners and disgruntled fans to unforgettable coaching reactions. But more than anything, it includes the moments that makes college football so unique.

See the updated bracket and vote in the Final Four round of Meme Madness below. 

Meme Madness bracket

Graphic by Mike Meredith

Voting for every round round is being held via tweets from our Cover 3 Podcast account as embedded below. After two rounds of…


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