College Football Meme Madness, National Championship: See the winner for the sport’s best viral image

The championship battle in Meme Madness lived up to the hype, as two iconic college football memes went down to the wire. Ultimately, only one viral image can live forever as the winner of our bracket. Congratulations are in order to the Michigan Surrender Cobra, which emerged from a tight battle against Frank Beamer’s 0-0 Celebration to be named the top viral image in college football. The stunned fan in Maize and Blue won by just 51% of the vote. 

The Surrender Cobra had a dominant run as the top seed in the Fans Region, winning each of its matchups with more than 60% of the vote en route to the competitive championship matchup. The lopsided 81-19 victory over Creepy Tennessee Starer ranked as the most dominant win of the tournament. 

And with the story behind the image, it’s no wonder Michigan Surrender Cobra came out on top. Up 23-21 on Michigan State in 2015, all Michigan had to do up was punt with 10 seconds left. The game was in the bag. But then the iconic call came: “Oh, he had trouble with the snap!” Michigan’s punter bobbled the snap and was hit by Michigan State defenders. Jalen Watts-Jackson picked up the ball and ran to the end zone in one of the most shocking wins ever. 

Right as the clock struck zero, the camera swung to Michigan fan Chris Baldwin, who captured the nation’s attention with perhaps the greatest surrender cobra in sports history. 

“I’ve been asked before, ‘did you realize that you were doing the pose as things happened?'” Baldwin told MLive. “I don’t remember it — I can barely remember what I was thinking at all during that last play. It was all just such a blur.” 

The Michigan Surrender Cobra emerged from the Fans Region after beating Eminem in the Booth, Creepy Tennessee Starer and Annoyed LSU Girl…


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