Predicting Ceiling, Floor For QBs 1-3

The 2022 NFL Draft quarterback class was wide-open ahead of this past season, and with the event less than two weeks away, several are still debating who QB1 is.

There has been a lot of talk of this not being a strong class overall and while there are a lot of question marks that surround a lot of the passers within it, there are a handful of players who have shown a lot of high-end backup potential and it’s hard not to get the feeling that one of them is going to hit and unexpectedly become a successful long-term starter – it’s just hard to pinpoint who that could be at this point.

Here’s a look into where the floor and the ceiling could lie for QBs 1-3 in my position rankings.

1. Carson Strong, Nevada.

Few quarterback prospects in this draft class have had a rougher go at it ahead of the draft – and that doesn’t have anything to do with his performance. Strong has been surrounded by unsubstantiated concerns that his knee may be degenerative, despite the fact it has been publicly released that he has been cleared by a Los Angeles Rams doctor. That hasn’t stopped analysts from continuing to knock him for it, though.

To add to that, Strong also deals with the “Air Raid quarterback” stigma that surrounds passers who put up high numbers coming out of the offense with worry that they won’t translate to the NFL. What’s failed to be recognized is that there is no other offense that demands quicker processing, a faster release, a higher level of accuracy and a quarterback who can do a lot from the mental aspect than the Air Raid because of how reliant it is on throwing the ball well. Many of these players are pocket passers – which also are surrounded by a stigma of their own, regardless of which offensive scheme they play in. Despite that, current New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, who is a…


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